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Digitone ProSeries 3 Call Blocker

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The ALL NEW! Digitone ProSeries 3 Call Blocker (DPS3) comes with a power adapter, line cord, wall mount plate and color manual. Has many new features including a Large Back-Lighted Display, Virtual Unlimited Blocked Numbers with Memory Management, Automatic Name Blocking of SPAM?, V+ Numbers and Trillions of other Fake Names. Blocks Millions of Preloaded Scammed Out of Area, Private and Anonymous Numbers. New Multi-Level Process Checking for Blocked Numbers, Names, Exchanges And Invited Callers. Instant Hang-Up of Unwanted Calls, and much, much more. This model covers both Digital or Analog Phone Services, including all regular landline telephone service, cable box converters, DSL modems or gateways, VoIP Digital to analog telephone service (not VoIP digital phone sets), broadband analog adapters for Ooma, Vonage, Magic Jack etc. For office use, the DPS3 is fully compatible with fax machines, voice mail and analog CO inputs to PBX or KSU or dedicated analog output ports. Caller ID Name and Number service is required for this model to work automatically.

Wall Mount Replacement Plate for Digitone Call Blockers

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Replacement 24VDC Switching Power Adapter

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  • Note that a Wall Mount Plate is already included with the purchase of a ProSeries Blocker. This is to replace or add a wall mount plate only.

  • This replacement 24 volt DC power adapter is used for the Digitone Call Blockers DT03-DT09 series only, except DT05 and DT06.

  • It is a switching adapter and is a direct replacement for the Digitone Call Blocker .  

  • If your original power adapter has stopped working due to a lightning strike or other reason, select this adapter.

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From The Inventors of Automatic Call Blocking and Routing

All New! ProSeries Call Blocker with MILLIONS of Pre-loaded Blocked Numbers and Trillions of Blocked Names. BACK-LIT 3 Line Display, Block Calls Remotely. Use SELECT Mode to Stop Neighborhood Spoofing.

Blocks Any Number From Anywhere!

Block Whole Area Codes or Individual Numbers. Guaranteed To Block Cell Phones, Pay Phones, Calling Cards, Unknown, Anonymous, Unavailable and Out of Area Callers. Available here at Digitone's OrderPage.

No Fees to own

There are No Fees to own these devices. Note: We are not a call blocking service. We only sell Call Management products for your home or office. These award winning call blocking devices are built to withstand any harassing phone caller calling from anywhere.