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April 6, 2015 Greetings Bill @ Digitone Service
By Richard Chenevert
Thank you for courteously and promptly handling my request for (warranty) service on my Digitone Call Blocker purchased 18 Jan 2013 via Amazon. My unit had a LCD display character & digit break up problem which I was seeking to have repaired. "Bill" offered a replacement unit post paid in both directions at no cost to me & thank you. I received the replacement unit in a couple of days and the swap out of the old unit with the new unit and repack in the same shipping box took about 5 minutes. The old unit was posted for return to Digitone the same day received. My brother in law Jim is finally convinced that Caller ID and the little Digitone device may be just the answer to the frequent and annoying calls he is receiving (I have been telling him this for quite some time). Anyway, I will say thanks again and note that once I got acquainted with the Digitone Call Blocker operation, it gave great satisfaction zapping the most annoying nuisance callers who attacked using a slug of different numbers.
March 6, 2015 To the folks at digitone
By Sam Beachy
You have come up with a life saver. We were getting sick and tired of being sick and tired over all the stupid telemarketer's phone calls we would get day after day after day. This little unit is very well worth the money I paid for it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. If I didn't have the money for it, I would not eat out until I had the money. Thank you very much for a great product and the quick turn around on my order. Awesome!! Have a great day.
March 4, 2015
By Tom
I Love This Thing!!!! I would not recommend any copy brand to stop unwanted phone calls.
February 25, 2015
By Amazon Customer
Works great with no problems. It has many features such as giving specified numbers "VIP" status, blacklisting and white listing numbers, and blocking numbers during certain hours. So allow yourself plenty of time to read the instructions!
February 7, 2015 NEVER another unwanted call
By Kerry Lyman 
Best money I ever spent! Tired of telemarketers who ignore the "do not call" legislation? Tired of political calls during election season (not prohibited from calling by the "do not call" legislation)? Got a "friend" or relative you are sick of getting calls from? This is the answer to ALL annoying and unwanted calls. Simply block the number with the push of one button and that caller can never make your phone ring again! And on top of that, the Digitone records the numbers of callers you have blocked and who keep calling. So you can still report them to the "do not call" website every time they TRY to make your phone ring. Well worth the money, and then some.
January 30, 2015 INCREDIBLE product!
By Steve A Jewell
Recently purchased the Digitone Call Blocker Plus - INCREDIBLE product! Fast shipping, easy set-up, simple to use! Blocks every call I expect it to! I think I love you guys!
January 20, 2015 Excellent Call Blocker
By Fred W.
Got this Christmas 2014 for $107 including tax and shipping ordered directly from Digitone. It is working correctly with no problems. I use it on a CenturyLink DSL/landline phone system with Panasonic Dect phone (Base connected along with 3 wireless satellite phones.) I downloaded the PDF manual from Digitone's FAQ on their site. That makes it very readable. I couldn't see the print in the included paper manual. My unwanted calls are mostly eliminated. Occasionally a new one needs blocking but not a 2nd time. The unit blocks OPX calls automatically. I probably get around 6 blocks a week on these. I blocked a "Named" caller: Consumer Serv. They've bothered me for years because they vary their phone numbers. No more. When I get an unwanted call I look it up on Google. If other users have reported it I go ahead and block it. If it's numbers are changed (usually in the last one or two digits of the phone number) I program and block the number with the last one or two digits replaced with the # (wild card). A wild card in the very last digit blocks 10 numbers and in the last 2 digits 100 numbers. Shouldn't be a problem with it blocking a call you want since the odds are very low out of millions of available numbers. If the complaints are just about 1 number then I just block that one number. So far, with this method, I am batting 100 %. Because of the wild cards and name blocking I'm thinking maybe 140 blocks may be plenty. Hope so. When a call is blocked the phone doesn't ring at all. A blocked call gives no indication that it ever called a 2nd time. I heartily recommend this unit. One negative. The LCD is hard to read unless lit by a bright light. Mine is lit by a quartz under-cabinet light so no problem.
January 17, 2015 It seemed to good to be true
I hesitated to order this. It seemed to good to be true, but the sounds of silence I now enjoy in terms of peace and quiet from annoying, intruding telemarketers, well, this is just what I wanted -- and received! Love, love, love the blocking feature when a new phone pest calls or blocking the call after the fact. Installation was easier than I imagined. How delightful it is not to be bothered by dubious callers or scammers! Wish I had ordered this sooner.
January 11, 2015 I've had mine for about two years now.
By D C 
I've had mine for about two years now. It works perfectly. Somewhat complicated to program but take your time and it will be well worth it. Mine blocks all anonymous calls plus any number I add to the list. I have programmed mine to block all calls between 9 PM AND 7 AM except numbers I told it to allow. IT IS WORTH EVERY CENT.
2014 Testimonials
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December 23, 2014 Great device -- VERY PLEASED WITH IT
By Sojourner Truth 
Perfect. Exactly what I have been looking for. IMHO this is the best call-blocker available except for one other -- that other one is a computer application named "Phone Tray." To use phone tray, download and install the software; connect the modem in your computer to your phone line; set up the various options for phone try -- calls to be blocked; how to block a call (hang up, play a message, play a "This number is disconnected" tone). However, when a call comes in sometimes Phone Tray emits a fax-like tone, audible to the caller, and that causes people to hang up. I used Phone Tray for a while and stopped because of the fax-like tone. I purchased this Digitone call blocker a few days ago and am VERY PLEASED with it. I simply works. I have Metrocast digital phone service. A cable comes into my home carrying broadband Internet and the digital phone service. That cable goes into a Metrocast modem -- coming out of the modem is an Ethernet cable that takes the 'net to my router, and, a common phone cord that takes digital phone service to my house wiring. I unplugged the phone cord from the modem -- plugged in a short phone cord from the digital phone output on the modem into the Digitone phone line input, then plugged from the Digitone output into my home phone line. Programming is simple: Hold down the PROGRAM button and follow the prompts. When prompted, pick up one of your phones and enter a code and the number to be blocked followed by the * symbol. For example: code 40 blocks a call. If you want to block 123-456-7890, press PROGRAM, when Digitone says LIFT THE PHONE, pick up a phone anywhere in the house and enter 40 1234567890 * and the number is now blocked. What's REALLY nice is the wild card feature. I was receiving 3-4 calls a day from a telemarketer trying to sell me hearing aid, back brace, and other junk. The calls came from the same area code and exchange but the last four digits were always different -- that is, the calls all came from: XXX-YYY-then four digits that changed with each call. I programmed Digitone to block XXX-YYY-#### -- the # symbol is the wild card, so, now Digitone blocks all calls coming from area code XXX and exchange YYY. To do this, do the same as blocking any other number: Press the PROGRAM button, wait for Digitone to tell you to pick up the phone, pick up a phone and enter 40 XXXYYY#### * and now all calls from that exchange are blocked. The Digitone remembers the last 64 calls. When call number 65 comes in, the top number on the call history drops off. You can scroll through the call history and, if you see a call you want to block, tap the BLOCK button twice quickly and that number is blocked. The Digitone will block only 140 numbers, however, it comes pre-programmed to block calls with no caller ID, or calls with UNKNOWN NAME, or UNKNOWN NUMBER, or similar calls with caller ID suppressed. It's a little pricey at over $100 but the telemarketer calls, calls asking for donations, and the like have stopped. 
December 20, 2014 Goodbye telemarketers!! 
By Amazon Customer 
It works like a charm. Read the programming instructions and it will work for you too.
November 19, 2014 this little guy is so easy to set up and works great
By Ronald L Meeks
I did a lot of research on call blocking before ordering the Digitone call blocker.
Using a land line with caller Id service, this little guy is so easy to set up and works great.
From day one phone was so quite wife thought phone was broke.
Unknown callers and Private are automatically blocked, With area code blocking was able to end daily calls from Kingston JM. Well worth the cost. Love it.
November 4, 2014 This device works great, but nuisance calls proliferate like spam
By r_a_b 
I purchased mine directly from Digitone. The battery compartment was sealed and labeled "No batteries required." From box to operating position was easy. To get started I began with "Front Panel Button Basics" from the online manual (with old eyes font size matters), but soon moved on to using my adjacent land-line telephone to manually enter numbers to block. Geniuses designed this for flexibility and intuitive user interface, so it does not take a genius to program it--only some patience and practice. I love the feedback on the display. It prompts you when to stop pressing certain buttons while issuing commands. If you do not key in commands, command mode times out; so, it doesn't leave one hanging and trying to find "Home." This probably will never happen again...after setting it up I received two calls in a row from my most hated nuisance callers. I blocked each one in real time with the front panel "Block" button. They were gone and on my Blocked Callers list. Today I enabled programming and manually entered some numbers to block. The promise of the "No Call" list is mostly broken. With this device, one has control; but, like blocking spam email it's an uphill battle.
October 27, 2014 Best of all it is made in the USA
By robnrob2 
This little jewel is amazing. We have had our land line for 25 years, so all the telemarketers have the number, we were getting calls 2 and 3 times a day from the same number on several numbers,, when we plugged in the digitone the calls quit,, we had to check our phone just to see if we had a dial tone,, so it must have some numbers pre programmed,, When a call does come in and were not around to block it, all we have to do is hold down the program button -3 secs- pickup the receiver and hit 40 then the area code , then the star key and it blocks out the area code,, the same can be done for any 10 digit number,, Best of all it is made in the USA. I thought it was a lil pricey but my gosh it was worth it.
October 8, 2014 The best device ever
By Roger
The best device ever. You can block complete area codes such as all the toll free area codes as well as all area codes beginning with a single number such as 9* to block area codes 900 through 999.

2013 Testimonials

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The best, December 31, 2013
By JG44070
It works, bought two of them so far, one for senior father and one for us. Telemarketers were driving us nuts, they are gone!
Works great I need another one, December 8, 2013
By Ron C. Denka
It's a shame I have to resort to this but these people keep calling even though I am on a do not call list. Once they call it's their last I would like to get another for my second line. When they call you hang up hit the block button twice that's it you'll never hear from them again.
Worth every penny, December 2, 2013
By nybiblio
We had a different blocker that required the caller to press a button. This one is so much better! We can block entire area codes. The resulting relief from sales, political canvassing and, non-profit fundraising calls has been wonderful!
Wouldn't want to live without it!, November 29, 2013
By Wendy Tobler
I believe in capital punishment for all telemarketers, but since our government prioritizes profits over privacy, this little machine will have to suffice. Despite our being on the Do Not Call Registry, our daily flood of robocalls escalated over the years. This great gizmo has reduced the problem more than I'd expected even though I'm not blocking whole area codes yet. I'm simply blocking every caller who hangs up on our answering machine, but the disproportionate reduction in calls indicates to me that most of the fake numbers displayed on our Caller ID link to just a few real numbers. We enjoy immense satisfaction now at hearing just the one ring before our Digitone disconnects the parasites. The as yet blocked robocalls coming through now total about 8 per week, compared to the 3-6 per day that we were getting before.
Great Product, November 22, 2013
By Kirsten V. Torresen
Really great...originally got it to stop calls from harassing ex-bf but it has become very useful in stopping annoying marketing calls as well. Definitely recommend.
Worth It!, November 16, 2013
By EinNY
This has made life so much better. We were getting 5-6 (some days more) calls a day from telemarketers. The Digitone Call Blocker eliminated that. Now when a new one comes through, I just block it. We are also on the Do Not Call Registry but that had not helped very much.
Love it!!!, October 27, 2013
By A. Rivera
I really love this device. It cut down unwanted calls by 75% (the repeated callers) you can’t rid them all, new ones always seem to pop up and if they become repeaters I block them. Blocked callers will be immediately answered and after one ring, get hung-up on. So you hear one ring and then silence much better than the 5 to 10 rings you might otherwise hear. Best advice I can give is read the instructions especially “Blocking Individual Callers” and “Blocking Area Codes” some callers use several phones each with a different phone number using the same area code.
Well worth the cost., October 23, 2013
By M O'Connor 
If you are being harassed by robo calls you have to get this device! We were getting about 5 to 10 calls per day from all kinds of solicitations even though we were on the Do Not Call registry. The calls were so disruptive and annoying. The Call Blocker device now intercepts all blocked callers and we don't even hear the calls! As new calls come in you have the option to "invite" or "block" them in the future . Blocked numbers are intercepted by the device and answered, paused for a few seconds, and then hung up on! All without us having to hear the calls come in anymore. We think of it as their robo meeting our robo! It is so peaceful without all those calls.  LOVE this device.
Greatly reduce telemarketer calls, October 13, 2013
By Carlos
I have had the Digitone Call Blocker 10 for 6 months (as of 10/13/13). I don't answer my land line. If I get a call and no message is left, then I highlight the number on Call Blocker, hit the 'block' button twice and the number is blocked for future calls. Once a number is blocked, if they call back then the phone connected to Call Blocker rings once and the call is blocked. Any legitimate caller will leave a message. The phone will not ring at all for all calls for which a number is not displayed (such as: private, opx, out of area,...). Put Call Blocker on your base phone and put the base phone in an out of the way room and you won't even hear the single ring on the blocked numbers. Call Blocker can hold 80 blocked numbers. Most telemarketers change their numbers after about 3 months anyway, so when your list is full, remove the oldest numbers. I also log the blocked numbers and record the date of the latest call; if an old number has called recently, I don't unblock their number. Although the Do Not Call List is now a joke, you can fight back with the Digitone Call Blocker.
A Very Helpful Device, October 11, 2013
By T. Lassagne
We used to have a lot of "junk" calls making us go to the phone only to find out they are "Toll Free Call" or "Georgia Call". The Digitone Call Blocker has stopped most of them. It can block entire area codes (e.g,, 800 or 855) or specific numbers. If a caller turns out to be a junk call, then after you hang up you push the "Block" button twice and he won't get through to you again. Our local phone company offers blocking service, but only for ten numbers. That's not nearly enough nowadays. The Digitone can block up to 80 numbers or area codes. The manual is somewhat abbreviated, but it gives the essential information. The call blocker is very compact, but it's very capable.
Excellent for Non-Visual Learners, September 18, 2013
By MB "pookastew"
The manual was translated by computer from the original Martian, so if you know how to read you'll be lost. However the device itself works great.  Apparently only the free market can solve problems created by the free market. For $100 I can stop a problem caused by phone service I don't want that's bundled by a cable company that's my only choice and which charges me to watch commercials and is monitoring my internet use in order to send this review to the NSA rather than blocking tele-scammers from calling me. Dog Bless America!
Does what it says it does, September 27, 2013
By Y. bell
My brother had been giving out my number to companies so I was receiving up to 21 unwanted calls per day from telemarketers and the like. I purchased this call blocker and my home became peacefully silent.  The first unit I purchased had something wrong with the LCD display to where if would fade in and out. I emailed customer service and they gave me the option of a refund or expressing out a new unit. I chose to get a new unit. It was literally at my door 2 days later. The display on the new unit worked perfectly. Using the Digitone's call block feature and no calls between certain hours except those in my VIP list has been a god send. Thank you Digitone!
Silence at last, September 13, 2013
I finally pulled the trigger on this product. Like everyone, we get scam calls all the time. With my wife's advancing Alzheimer's, I can't take the chance that some of our sensitive information could be revealed.  Shipping was surprisingly quick (2 days) via Amazon Prime. Setup was quick - 3-4 minutes. I just block 8## numbers (in addition to the default blocking) and, so far, exactly the results I wanted. Well worth the cost. Should have bought one of these things long ago. I use Time Warner's VoIP-enabled cable modem
The Best Product Ever!, September 11, 2013
By Annette C. Ortiga
Hi! Gonna keep this short and simple. The Do Not Call database is a waste of time - it doesn't work, period! Simply order The Digitone Call Blocker from Amazon or any place you can find it. It's worth every penny you spend for it. It works and you won't regret buying it. The online Q&A is quite extensive. If you can't find your answer there, just give them a call.
Quiet At Last, September 5, 2013
By NT Wheel
Quiet at last, quiet at last, Great God Almighty quiet at last. I know I'm paraphrasing MLK, but it's such a great feeling to have a device like this to stop all the constant phone calls from telemarketers. I had purchased several other call blockers before this one, but they didn't work well. This one by Digitone is all you need to manage who gets through to ring your telephone. Man, this little electronic device is W O N D E R F U L !!!!!!!
Great Call Blocker, August 24, 2013
I had been getting, on average, 2-3 telemarketing calls per day....many from the same numbers and/or area codes. Despite my efforts to place those numbers on the Do Not Call list, the calls kept coming....at all hours of the day and night. This unit allows you to block single numbers AND entire area codes if you desire. Once a number has been blocked, the phone won't even ring to let you know that those pesky telemarketers have tried to call. All they get on the other end is "CLICK." If they're going to use technology to "robo-call" you. why not use technology to "robo-block" them. After one month of using this blocker, we finally have peace and quiet in the house. I have successfully blocked all incoming 800 and 888 numbers, area codes from Miami, New York, California and India. Thanks to Digitone for a quality unit.
Excellent device, plug it in, turn it on and it works 1st time!, August 17, 2013
By OakvilleDave
One of the simplest electronic devices I have ever purchased.  We have had a problem with unidentified out of area calls - sometimes over a dozen a day.  Now they vanish without even so much as ring or even a ding.  For years we had a device which required the user to assign a call to group A B or R while it worked the Digitone excels at easy use and setup.  Buy 1 you will not be disappointed.
First Ring Suppression is the answer, August 9, 2013
By Francis
This device is worth every penny because of "first ring suppression". My Panasonic phones would block calls, but would still ring once, which was annoying because it was still an interruption. My daughter no longer lives with us, but we were getting about 10 collection calls for her a day. The Digitone Call Blocker has saved my sanity.
Blessed silence at last., August 3, 2013
By Jim the builder
I forgot what a peaceful day was like until I connected the Digitone call blocker to my phone line. It took less than a minute to install, one end of the enclosed line plug to my cable phone modem "out" and my existing inside phone line to the Digitone "out". I plugged in the power supply, included, and it was ready to go. You must have "Caller ID" from your phone provider as the Digitone uses this information to block numbers. The instructions are a bit hard to follow for programming numbers, which is done by entering a code using your phones handset, but if you wait for someone to call you, you can simply allow or block the number from the call log that remembers numbers as they come in. There is no backlight so have a light handy, but this small limitation is far outweighed by the benefits. So you can say goodbye to "Rachel" and all her annoying friends, after you block a number you won't even hear a ring. Just a note on instillation, to make sure you don't hear a ring from a blocked number the Digitone has to be the first piece of hardware on your phone line.
Great product!, July 26, 2013
By Robert H. Wilmoth
I had been receiving calls from an "unknown" number for about 2 months at a frequency of 4 times a day, 7 days a week. I would answer the call and no one would ever be there. After a few seconds a recording would come on and say "the number you have dialed does not receive incoming calls". I did not dial any number. I called my phone carrier and even the police. All were sympathetic, but no answer for the issue other than a call trap at $25.00 per call trapped.Even if the trap was successful, if the call was originating from outside the US, there would be no way to stop the calls or prosecute the offender. Then, while searching the internet for an alternate solution, I found the Digitone Call Blocker!! It works so well, we finally have peace from all unwanted calls due to its unique programming features. I still get the offending call that started this whole thing, but now we don't know it or hear it anymore because the unit will not let it ring through to the phone. Best money I ever spent!!
A great gadget!, July 11, 2013
By Steve Kensington
The Digitone Call Blocker is such a great gadget that I have to give it five stars. The plus features far outweigh the few negatives.  The first ring suppressor is marvelous. I never hear a thing when Digitone blocks a call. I removed the only separate hardwired phone I had, which continued to give a first ring. My remaining system is a Panasonic with a wired base unit and five cordless handsets. I have the Digitone plugged in between the wall phone outlet and the Panasonic base unit. It all works well together, including the voice mail in my Verizon FIOS system.
Blessed Relief From Nuisance Telemarketers, July 2, 2013
By Peter
First off, I read the FAQ and directions before I even ordered the Digitone Call Blocker, so its "switchology" didn't seem difficult for me to learn at all. Blocking a call that came in is one thing some have complained about, but you simply first scroll to the number to block, (look for the dashes between area code and exchange on the unit's display, which means you're in the mode to permit the displayed number to be blocked) then hit Block twice. Done. Never again do I get a morning call from Nuance software, or from the Carpet Cleaners in Sacramanto, or from any of the other anonymous callers who use internet phones, out of area phones, or number blocked / private callers.This gadget works, and it's worth twice the price. I can recommend the Digitone Call Blocker without reservations.
Works very well. Does the job., July 1, 2013
By JR-Texas
This call blocker worked as advertised right out of the box. I have several phone numbers on the block list. I've taken the approach of blocking after the fact. Once a bogus call is registered in the Call History log, I select the number and double tap the Block button. From that point on there is no evidence of another call unless I happen to see the flashing light when the call is intercepted by the Call Blocker. There is no ring at all. You can keep track of which calls are blocked by browsing through the call history log. Ones that were blocked will flash between the number and the word "Blocked." The blocked calls also show up on my TV (satellite) list of incoming calls.
Ideal for avoiding sales calls, June 30, 2013
By James Lee Martin
This blocker reliably prevents unwanted sales and solicitations from getting through and is easy to use. Highly recommended for anyone who is bothered with phone abuses. 
Do you hate telemarketers like I do?, June 27, 2013
By Wbruff
I am a overnight shift worker and must sleep during the time most people are awake. I am sick and tired of those freaking unsolicited calls from telemarketers trying to sell me some crap or scam. You should buy this as it does actually work and after you have received a call and let this device know you don't want to hear from them again it will comply. This is my answer to a great "DAYTIME" sleep. Thank you Digitone.
I would have ordered one sooner but couldn't find the right device, June 17, 2013
By Mark "Mark Christensen" 
This device is a must have for anyone being hounded by non-stop collection agencies who robocall and then ask for someone that doesn't live at my home. I have never heard of the person and I am not related to them. Even with this information they continue to call, careful to call at 8:01 AM and 8:59 PM just inside the legal limits. I started to combat them when after speaking with a collection agency they told me they bought the list that my number is on for less than $0.25. I started with the basics and quickly filled up my telephone providers 12 number limit. I then moved on to better phone equipment getting a Panasonic TX series and again after about two weeks I was full once again. I needed help. Tired of spending money on short term solutions, I purchased a Digitone call blocker. It is difficult to set-up, but the manual is very detailed and so are the forums. If you need something and just can't find anyone else you can ask me. I'm no expert, but after using the device for about 3 months, my phone only rings for first-time callers which I block and friends and family. Some friends and family can be added to a VIP group which can ring the phone even at night (emergency). I'm much happier with my phone now. Don't waste your money on any other call blocker. Research them all and check out their claims and the ratings. I believe you will be making the same choice that I did.
Finally Relieved Of Nuisance Calls, June 2, 2013
By Golfer Walt "walusa" 
I was a bit skeptical of this device after reading the 1-Star ratings. Out of desperation, I took the chance and bought it. In short, I am very happy with the Digitone Call Blocker. I have a cordless phone system that can block 20 numbers. Since my phone is integrated with my cable, I can also block 30 numbers using the cable service. This was helpful until the 20 and 30 call limits are reached. I also have a separate call announcer that allows me to record who the call is from. It will then announce the caller when the call comes in. All of these things helped but I had to keep track of which numbers to keep blocking and which ones to drop if I needed to block more numbers. Since I logged a total of 160 different numbers(and growing)in the course of a year, the bookkeeping became a big nuisance.
Taking Back Our Privacy, May 29, 2013
This is a wonderful device and well worth the price. It's best feature is the ability to block those calls from all these unidentified persons and parties. In my opinion, if someone is going to call me they should be wiling to identify themselves. If not, then the call is a waste of my time. This is the only device I could find that blocks those calls that come in as out of area. It will do much more than that and it blocks calls from those who block the caller ID. Those came as default settings right out of the box. I cannot describe what a great feeling it is that my phone simply hangs up on them now.
Silence is golden, May 25, 2013
By Nonie
Even though we have been on the national and state Do Not Call Lists from the beginning, we get several telemarketing calls a day. Several months ago I bought a Panasonic phone with call blocking capability. It works great, but has only a 30 number capacity. Finally decided to purchase the Digitone call blocker and I love it! Easy to set up, easy to use, and it works. It can block entire area codes. It costs a little more, but it is worth it. I smile every time it blocks a call. ??
Performs as advertised and very user-friendly, May 18, 2013
By Stephen Ambrose
I was once bothered by unsolicited phone calls at all hours of the day. I found the Digitone Call Blocker. Now there is peace and quiet with very few phone calls from desired family and friends. I can control what phone calls I want to receive and those I want to block. The instructions and set up are very easy to follow and well written. I would recommend this product, because it does what it is advertised to do: block the annoying telephone calls.
fantastic, May 1, 2013
By Bro
These people thought of everything, has every feature I need and a whole lot more, considering what all it does the price is not to high,, finally piece and quite from those vultures that like to harass people for who know why....
Works as advertised, April 29, 2013
By W. Miller
Starts working right out of the box! Then I've added a few nuisance numbers - which required me to follow the online manual - so now we only get the phone calls we want. Good product for those who want it simple, very sophisticated capabilities for those who prefer to set up complex selections. You can have it either way, and either way it does what it says. And no battery but it remembers through power outages.
Does the job, April 17, 2013
By D. R. Knight
Easy to set up, seems to be doing its job. I was besieged by calls from telemarketers and collection agencies who were trying to find somebody else (my name is listed by initials in the phone book). Things have become much quieter since I set up the Digitone Call Blocker. It blocks calls with no indicated number automatically but needs to be programmed for those whose number is identified. After the initial unwanted call, it's a quick and simple matter to press a button twice and block any future calls from that number. It has not blocked anyone who I wanted to get through.
Digitone Call Blocker, April 14, 2013
By John Grunewald)
This device is excellent , easy to use and works as advertised . Our "junk" calls have just about stopped !
Best $93 dollars, April 3, 2013
By alb
I really cant get into what prompted me to look for this product ,but it was the best money I have spent. the Jamaican scam lottery is not happy THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.
Peace at last! Thank you Digitone. March 29, 2013
By Peter A. Czajkowski
After years of annoying calls, day and night, Digitone Call Blocker has finally brought this annoyance to an end. The Digitone Call Blocker enhances your home phone system, and allows you to program the blocker to literally STOP unwanted calls, and to stop the phone from ringing. You invite those people you want to hear from, all others are blocked FOREVER! The Digitone automatically screens and blocks unwanted calls BEFORE your phone rings, including cell phones and fax numbers. Get it, you won't regret it!  Thank you Digitone Call Blocker!
Easily Blocks Annoying Calls, March 21, 2013
By John Wilcox
The Digitone Call Blocker is by far one of the best products I own. It worked great right out of the box. Hookup was simple and it only took a few minutes, and if you want to fine tune the device (although, I found no need to) the accompanying manual makes it easy to do so, even for a 60+ year-old-guy like me. The manual is also available online, should you misplace the paper manual that comes with the Call Blocker.  I only gave this product five stars, because I couldn't give it more.
Telemarketing call blocker, March 10, 2013
By john lindquist "kindleman"
It does everything is says it will do and does it well! Blocks all the calls you want it to rings about a half a ring and done.  They don't bother you anymore! I would recommend it and give it 5 stars out of 5
Amazing little device, March 6, 2013
By Gene McManus
This little box is not cheap at nearly $100, but it's worth every nickel. I emailed tech support once with a question, and had my answer in only an hour or two, so it looks like support is solid if you need it. The programming of the device is a little unhandy, but once through it, it worked fine. I had 80% or so of the annoying calls stopped with about 5 minutes of setup. I'd highly recommend this for folks being driven nuts by robo-calls.
Utterly wonderful! I'm a retiree and spend a good deal of time at home. I was getting, on a weekly average, 40-50 nuisance calls. My Pain-a-sonic 5 phone system would block only 30 numbers and would still ring before blocking. And there was no way to block numbers except by the typical 9 or 10 digits. This blocker has made my life at home the way it should be......quiet. Obviously, the ability to block entire area codes made the biggest difference. At first, regarding entering the area code blocking method, I was a little confused. I tried entering the first digit of the area code with the following 9 numbers as # (wildcard) signs. When you preview the list of blocked numbers, you'll see just the first digit of that area code. Which tells me that you only have to enter just the first digit of the area code. No # signs are needed in this case. I only needed 3 area code numbers to ring thru, so I'll have to block some in these individually. But this works fine for me. Here's another tip to help get used to the codes; make bigger copies of each page of the manual. Then write down all the codes in a column with their page numbers beside. You'll get used to coding a lot easier. 

Alan I., San Bernardino, CA - Feb 2013
My Digitone Call Blocker order was processed and shipped on the same day I put my order in!   That is impressive.  The item came quickly, in mint condition, and with clear and concise instructions on how to integrate it into my phone system. The Digitone Call Blocker blocks unidentified numbers by default. But you add numbers as the need to do so arises. I was surprised to discover that one can actually program the way that the call blocker handles your calls by using your telephone. All in all, this item is a must have for those folks tormented by anonymous callers ringing your phone all day. And the price you pay now will afford you some peace and quiet in the long run; as well as relief from the annoyance of occasional unsolicited phone calls. I highly recommend this item to anyone and everyone. 

Manny F., Miami, FL - Feb 2013
I purchased the Digitone Call Blocker a couple of weeks ago after finding a cheaper type of thing on e-bay that didn't stop the Telemarketer's from ringing once before being blocked. The Digitone Call Blocker works like a CHARM !   It TRULY does block the ring from coming in, we couldn't believe it. Our phone has been soooooo quiet, wish I had it during the political season to stop all of those nuisance calls. We absolutely love it !  Does ALL of what it says it will and when you call regarding something that you might not fully understand, they talk you through.  I was hesitant because it cost a little more, but it has PROVED to be worth every penny.  Best investment we ever made. We love that these telemarketer's don't have anything on us anymore. Wonderful !  Thanks a bunch. 

Martha A., New Baltimore, Michigan - Feb 2013

This was a great purchase. Many telephone marketers and other organizations had gotten my telephone number. The daily calls (often several calls per day), often around evening mealtime become a real nuisance. I was so glad to find this blocker. I kept the default setting which blocks several kinds of calls and added some of my own. Once a call comes in and you want to block it, it is as simple as pressing a button for several seconds. I have a Panasonic DECT 6.0 phone with several extensions which works perfectly with this product. Also, the Digitone representative was very helpful in answering my questions even before purchase. It cleverly silences the first ring of all incoming calls while it analyzes whether the incoming call should be blocked. I definitely recommend this product for stopping nuisance telephone ringing.

Jim D. - Feb 2013

I have been fighting telemarketers for 15+ years. The Digitone finally won the battle for me. I have tried both state and federal "Do Not Call" lists. These are not effective. I programmed the Digitone for 24 hours of "After Hours" mode. I set up a 30 number VIP list. I now get the call that I want and don't hear the others. The answering machine takes care of the friends that are not on the VIP list. An FYI for the tech guys. My message light works on my Panasonic KX-TGA652 and Verizon FIOS. Thanks for filling a need.

Bill L. - Feb 2013
I've been using my DCB10 for almost a month. It works exactly as advertised, correctly and reliably...simple to connect and operate. It's hard to convey how much this unit has improved my life. No more solicitations or unwanted calls, especially at night. No more having to deal with obnoxious greedy and nasty people who ignore the laws and believe that by unjustifiably harassing others, they can profit. I know of no other product that can provide this protection, which is important since the FCC is either unable or unwilling to intervene and the Do-Not-Call registry is ineffective. Especially helpful is the capability for using "wild cards" for parts or all of each of the 800 series of numbers. This thwarts the tactic of spoofing the actual calling number and/or using random variations of 800 numbers, as the telemarketers are now doing. Your phone doesn't even ring once.

By the way, in the contacts I've had with this company, the service and communications have been wonderfully prompt, courteous (even friendly), and helpful. What a great experience!

Donald - Jan 2013

I have never written a review on any of the numerous products I have purchased, however, this is the most amazing product I have ever received. I received this yesterday, and immediately hooked it up to the phone. I programmed in one wildcard area code from which I was receiving 5-6 calls per day. I then decided to wait a day so I had numbers to block.

When I arrive home from work, there are usually 10-15 calls on my caller ID, unavailable, not listed, etc. and 5-6 from the area code I had already blocked. None of these callers leave messages. When I arrived home from work today, I could not wait to start blocking!! Lo and behold, THERE WERE NO CALLS ON MY CALLER ID. This little gadget blocked them all. I actually thought my phone was not working. Since my friends and family wouldn't call during work hours, only the annoying calls come through. So far I have not had to block any calls. Kind of disappointed, but the auto feature already blocks the unavailables and unlisteds. I am now hoping for some telemarketers to call so I can block them. This will be to have during the next set of elections--no more pre-recorded calls from the candidates. BLOCK!!

I highly recommend this for anyone who receives telemarketing calls. The area code block feature is great. I happened to be near the device reading the instructions, and the little red light came on, and the call was one of the many from the area code blocked. The phone did not ring, nor did the number register on my phone caller ID.

Once again, a great device.

Rosanne G. - Jan 2013

This little gadget was the best money I have ever spent. Not one annoyance phone call since I purchased and installed the device. Easy to install, 2 phone connections, and plug into an electrical outlet and easy to use; the unit comes preset to divert all annoyance calls. This little gizmo works so well, I intend to purchase a second as a gift for my parents.

Kate B. - Jan 2013

My wife and I were at wits end with the annoying telemarketer and political surveys. Since she recently retired being at home most of the day she was subject to the bulk of the calls. Since I bought and used the Digitone Call Blocker, there is peace and quiet in the house.

Michael W. - Jan 2013

The Digitone Call Blocker has dozens of ways it can be programmed to block individual calls, area codes, or groups of area codes. For example code: 40 8## ### #### * will block 800, 888, etc. But you'd also block St. College, PA (814). You can program it to block all calls from Washington DC area code. Or you can block just one number on your display by paging down to it and pressing 'Block' twice fast.

But the big problem today is robocalls from scammers. They've already discovered that they must provide a phone number and name (like Akron, OH) to avoid being blocked. They ignore federal and state do-not-call lists. Worse, they change phone numbers or area codes frequently, so you constantly have to add new area codes to block. But there is a better way.

If you are an individual who receives calls (that you want) from a dozen or more area codes, there is an easy way to program the call blocker once and done. Program the Digitone to block everything by entering 97#*. Then invite the area codes that you want to receive by entering 50 484 ### #### * (484 is the area code). Repeat this with every area code that your friends, family, business, American Legion and Boy Scout associates (examples) use and you are done.  Note: You cannot program blanks; they are there for clarity.

Jesse R. - Jan 2013

2012 Testimonials

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The Digitone Call Blocker has saved my sanity and my peace and quiet. I was going so slowly insane from all the bill collectors and telemarketers who were calling me. I could not get any relief to speak of from my telephone service provider. I started doing research on the internet because it was so utterly useless to complain to the FTC. They are uncaring and basically toothless against these people anyway. It was then that I found DIGITONE COMMUNICATIONS and now I don’t worry every time the phone rings. The folks at Digitone totally understand the frustration that people deal with on a daily basis, and they are the nicest people you would ever want to talk to about this problem. And they have an affordable solution that actually works. I have had this device for about two years now, and I have never spent a better one hundred dollars in my entire life. This device would be worth twice what they charge if you could put a price on the freedom from harassment that it provides. 

Rick Shultz - Dec 2012
Peace and Quiet at Last, December 19, 2012
By CR Snead
Call Blocker has plenty of options for use, but I just use it for Permanently blocking unwanted calls. No extensive programming on my end, hooked it up, let the calls come once, pull up the number from the call list and block it. I run mine in series with a digital answering machine with wireless handsets attached, so the blocked numbers never ring a phone. Unit has been in operation for less than a week and I couldn't be happier. Time will tell on its longevity. Digitone shipped this out so quickly, I was surprised when it arrived. So far no complaints at all.
This is the best purchase I have EVER made in my life. My Mom has Alzheimer’s and I cannot tell you the peace of mind this gives us now – she has been tormented and confused by telemarketers, and as her disease is progressing, we started to get very worried about her sharing information with the endless strangers who call here. Last week a woman convinced her that if she did not purchase a security system, she would be robbed and hurt, causing her to run out of the house scared to death. I cannot tell you how peaceful the past week has been for us. What a wonderful product. I wish I had known about it long ago. Thank you for the quick delivery too!

Heidi Alles - Dec 2012
I love, love, love this thing.  If you are bothered by telemarketers or anyone you just don't want to talk to, this thing will take of everything for you. I don't know how I made it this long without it, there is pure silence in my home because I'm able to block any phone number that I want and my phone never rings, if you do not have one of these, you need to get one, if you want peace in your home and it is worth every penny spent. You can get rid of your phone company's call block because they are only able to block certain numbers but this thing blocks them all. I'm more than satisfied with mine. Delivery was fast and I'm very happy with service I received.

CGreen - Dec 2012

Finally some relief from awful calls.  I was so tired and frustrated by morning and evening interruptions by repeated robocalls. It got even worse during the political season. The DO NOT Call list is not a solution. I have been on it for years. The Digitone is the only thing that will block ANY CALL you desire to have blocked. The phone WILL NOT RING ! You can finally have a peaceful evening. Thank you Digitone !!!!!!

PA Prof - Dec 2012

The Digitone Call Blocker has performed flawlessly, and their customer service is outstanding. I had been receiving harassing-blocked calls through my VOIP phone system (unable to trace) along with daily telemarketing calls having coded or phony numbers--even companies on the federal Do Not Call list continued calling.  After researching many different devices on the internet, I found a high performance solution in the Digitone.  It was very easy to connect, and when I called customer service my question was answered by a friendly professional inside the company. The silence is a wonderful change. I highly recommend this product.

William B. - Dec 2012
This product is absolutely worth the money and the service and support from Digitone is second to none. The first unit I received from Digitone was not fully compatible with my Panasonic Telephone System. I contacted Digitone and they sent me a replacement unit that was fully compatible immediately. I was unable to use the by-pass first ring feature of the unit and with the assistance of Digitone Support we were able to determine that the problem was caused by the Caller ID signal being sent by my land line telephone provider. I switched to Comcast Voice a month ago and all features of the Digitone Call Blocker work without problem; including the by-pass first ring feature. The Digitone Call Blocker was a blessing throughout the recent political (silly) season and continues to filter out the regular telemarketing calls that come more frequently that we would like. I unabashedly recommend this product and the service and support provided by Digitone. Buy one; you won’t be sorry!

Texas - Nov 2012

I've tried several call blocking devices including the latest Pro Call Blocker and can say Digitone Call Blocker is far superior to all of them. Digitone is so flexible you can program it for just the right blocking. I used to get annoying telemarketers, survey callers, political calls, etc. but no longer. I'm very pleased with the product.

Bill C. - Nov 2012

Gene B. Randall, Jr.
Electrical Engineer - Nov 2012
BEST Customer Service I have ever had.  I bought this 2 weeks ago thru the digitone.com website and am using it with a Magicjack plus serving several phones in my home. After reading the recommendations about surge protection I also purchased the Belkin protector with 6 wall outlets, this setup was a snap to setup and I had it up and working in less than 5 minutes. I had 1 small problem with it not suppressing the 1st ring. I called their toll free number for help (and HELP is what I got).  Guess what, I was talking with one of the principles in the company by the name of Bill, after explaining the problem, he had me do a few tests, and found there was a small issue with compatibility with the Magicjack Plus and the 1st ring suppression. He sent me out a new revised model to try.  It now works PERFECT.  Their shipping was great and I received my packages in 2 days with tracking information (much better than I expected). With all the junk calls I was getting driving me nuts, the quiet now is just fantastic. I have never had a call blocker before, but this thing is amazing how well it works, I guess you get what you pay for. I have never written a review of anything before, but this product and the customer support are so great that I felt I needed to inform more people about this product and how pleased I am with the device AND the support. I would suggest you read the FAQ's on their website and take a look at the manual that is located there, as well as calling them to make sure you are going to order the correct model for you phone system. Just a side note to let you know that until I purchased this call blocker I had never heard of this company and have no connections with them, I'm just trying to let people know of the GREAT experience I have had with them. 

Steve H
- Nov 2012
Peace at dinner time! I have had this little device installed for at least 2 or 3 years now and have enjoyed total telephone peace in my own home. Now, the phone ONLY rings for family, friends and co-workers that I want to talk with. Anonymous callers and callers from toll free numbers just get hung up on automatically; I have no desire to talk to them or listen to their pitches. Everyone else, including legitimate callers who are not on my list, go right to voicemail (which is fine; I'll call them back at MY convenience). I cannot imagine why every home does not have one of these. It is less than a hundred bucks and you own it! 

John Sweney - Nov 2012
Thank you. I purchased your Digitone Call Blocker and at first I thought I hooked it up incorrectly; it was suddenly very quiet in our house. This is better than "sliced bread". I cannot thank you enough for blocking all the unwanted calls we were getting.

Keith G. - Oct 2012
Digitone, I looked at the other call blockers available on Amazon.com and read thru the reviews for each one. Each call blocker had missing features that I wanted. Some call blockers could not block wildcard numbers. Some call blockers would not let Private numbers thru. Some call blockers would allow the phone to ring once before cutting off the call. When I use a call blocker, I don’t want my phone to ring if the call is blocked. The Digitone Call Blocker does everything I want and has the most flexibility of any call blocker. I used the wildcard feature to block all toll free calls. My mother calls me on a Private number. Her calls gets thru fine. I now have peace and quiet. Blocked numbers don’t ring. Also, the caller id on blocked numbers don’t pass thru to my phone so I don’t waste time clearing them off my phone. The Digitone Call Blocker does what it says it does. If you want to stick it to the telemarketers, this is the call blocker you want. The Digitone Call Blocker is also easy to use. 

Gary G. - Oct 2012
Great Support!   I wasn't a very happy camper when my Digitone Call Blocker "died".  I very rapidly got used to the blocking system and the relief from the constant nagging by marketers and politicians, etc.   Suddenly going cold turkey without the machine wasn't a happy experience. First thing I checked was the power supply. It was functioning just fine so I assumed the Digitone was fried. After two months of unsolicited calls my mind was, well fried too. While looking for a replacement I came across Digitone's testimonial page. I left a note about how well I thought the device worked, but wasn't satisfied with its short lifespan. It wasn't more than a minute later a response came back with suggested fixes, the key one being instructions to reset the blocker via a recessed button on the bottom.  Cut me off at the knees and call me Shorty if it didn't reboot with all the setup data intact!   Guess I could have saved myself a lot of grief by calling tech support right after it went to sleep. Thank you for the quick response and help getting this cool device back on line.

Ike - Oct 2012
I have been using the Digitone Call Blocker 10 for a few days now and it has paid for itself in reduced irritation already. It works exactly as advertised, and that is great!  I love it and I hope it lasts a long time.

Mike - Oct 2012
I recently purchased your digitone call blocker and I am so pleased with the results.  For the first time in many years I am enjoying the peace and quiet of a non-ringing telephone. Some people can just ignore the calls by checking the caller ID feature of their phone, but not me.  I resented the invasion of my home, the bother of having to check who was on the other end and having to erase the calls on my caller ID all the time. ‘Tis the season for political calls and with a two-party family we dreaded the onslaught of upcoming “Vote for” solicitations.  Thank you for inventing this amazing gadget and finally easing my angst. 

Linda G., New York - Oct 2012
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  This is the first time I've ever written to a company about their product but this cannot go unsaid. I just received my Call Blocker yesterday. It arrived on time and was fully programmed, up and running in about 5 minutes. It works flawlessly!!!  It is extremely simple to use, intuitive and, most of all, effective.  It is a very well made and very well thought -out product. There is nothing more satisfying than to see that red light flashing on the unit that tells me that a telemarketer has called, been cut-off and my phone never made a single peep!  I am free at last!!!  Your product is worth every penny!  Thank you, again.

Best Regards, Glenn - Oct 2012
I had to return my call blocker for repair because of a static issue after 2 months. It was repaired at no charge and works perfectly.  It is my favorite gadget.  I love it ignoring no number provided, blocking repeat telemarketers, and recently blocked 3+ calls a day from a fake security system provider in a phishing scam.  Silence is golden.  Thanks for a great product.

Craig W. - Sept 2012
Received the call block device on Saturday...hooked it up on Sunday and programmed it according to instructions. Blocked one (1) call on Sunday and was amazed not to receive any calls on Monday.?? at least the phone didn't ring, but when I checked I found 5 calls on the call block device. These were the numbers I programmed in on Sunday. What a relief not to hear the phone ringing all day. I'm still learning how to program the invite- VIP- and how to erase call list etc: but so far everything is working as advertised. I hope this unit works for a long time. Thanks.

Pepper - Sept 2012
We LOVE Your Call Blocker. To Digitone creators, please note that we have in the past been plagued by repeated calls from telemarketers and others despite being registered on the "Do Not Call" list, and despite reporting each of those calls to the FCC. We purchased a Digitone device a month or so ago and right now.. Silence Reigns!!  I have taken the habit to look up each unwanted telephone call number on the web site www.800Notes.com appears, I report the intrusion of our privacy, and then advise other posters that I've installed the Digitone device, and how well it works. Great invention; we wish you wonderful success in marketing and selling your device. Thank you!

Al G. in MD - Sept 2012
Best product I ever invested in. Had it for a year and a half. Relief from unwanted calls.  You gotta try this.

Ed in Georgia - Sept 2012

It works.

M from NC - Sept 2012

Wow is all I can say! This thing works and works well. I just wanted to thank you because I had a product similar to this that only worked 30 percent of the time, well guess what your product works 100 percent of the time and I am one happy customer because of it. Good job and keep up the good work!  Thanks again. 

Tim in Ohio - Sep 2012
Just like a previous customer that left a comment here, I too had a lightning strike on my phone line. It knocked out my DCB10 and my DSL modem.  After having this device for a period of time, I've found that I just can't live without it.  After getting my modem up again, I emailed Digitone and received instructions on how to return the unit for repairs so I quickly shipped it off.  In no time at all I received a repaired/refurbished unit at minimal cost to me.  I have over 20 years experience in the repair and refurbishment of electronic devices for a number of large companies and I have to say that Digitone has to have the fastest turn around time that I have EVER seen in the industry.  Not only does this device do everything as advertised and then some, Digitone stands behind their product and should be proud of their company and it's service department.  I now have a surge suppressor on my phone line in addition to one on the electrical outlet and recommend people that live way out in country like me consider getting one. They're pretty cheap and easy to find.  Again Digitone, thank you for this great device and your superb service. You've saved my sanity again.

Chuck in Wisconsin - Aug 2012
Five weeks ago, after reaching upward of 10 unwanted calls a day, I had reached my wits end and discovered Digitone as I read through some complaints on one of the phone scam blogs. I called to order one and a live person answered the phone who very professionally answered my questions, took my order, and told me I would see it in 2-3 days via USPS Priority Mail.  Sure enough on the third day it arrived. Set up was easy to follow and was up and running in minutes. It performed flawlessly for 3 weeks till one of the many electrical storms decided to hit our phone line.  I reset the unit and the light blinked and had a message - I called Digitone, again a live person answered on how to ship it back to them, and what repair needed to be done. In summary, I have found the Digitone 10 to be a quality unit, doing exactly what they say it will do. Just as important, if not more so is the customer service/support. I have called 4 times, each time being answered by a live human who could do everything, take orders, make arrangements for return, diagnose problems, and answer questions about the unit. No being passed on to three or four people who only do one thing. I have also had several email questions, all answered, very timely, and in one case on a Saturday. I would highly recommend the Digitone not only as quality piece of electronics but for excellence in customer service/support as well, something very hard to find today. 

Respectfully, Lynn - Aug 2012

Best $99 bucks I've ever spent. I finally win the telemarketer war!
Earl - Aug 2012
Fantastic product!   I have had my Digitone for about 6 months, and it is awesome. I have chosen to block ALL calls other than specific numbers of friends and family, and it works beautifully. I keep a Google phone number set up just to receive messages if someone insists on a phone number contact. Otherwise, I tell people to email me. Finally, I can screen out all but my nearest and dearest. Works perfectly!

Sara F. - Aug 2012

In the last two years we have been plagued with Out of Area and 1-800 calls. We have Comcast as our phone provider and for a monthly fee they will block some of the calls. I actually found out about Digitone on an on-line Comcast complaint blog. We ordered it on Friday and received it Monday. We are extremely pleased with the service. I'm going to post an endorsement for Digitone to my Facebook friends. I wish I would have known about this product long before this. I highly recommend this product to anyone getting unwanted calls.

Linda, Abingdon VA - Aug 2012

I’ve had my Digitone Call Blocker for about a week and it has really stopped the calls.  I have phone service through Comcast, which allows me to block up to 12 numbers but I have to go to my account online and physically enter in the numbers I want to block. It is a hassle and 12 numbers is not enough. Digitone will block 80 numbers and it is so easy.  Just scroll through the caller ID list and press the block button twice. I love this thing.  I received no unwanted calls this weekend…… amazing!  When I go online to my Comcast account I can see where Digitone answered the blocked number call and then hung up after a few seconds but I never heard any rings and the calls do not show on my home caller ID.  This thing really works!

Steve, SF Bay Area - Aug 2012

Digitone sent a new one to me quickly and it is working flawlessly.   What a relief to be able to block an entire area code from getting through to you. In my case, it seems that all the garbage telemarketers/scammers are concentrated in less than 12 area codes across the country.  The federal and state do not call lists are useless.  So is reporting the violation to the attorney general of the state the area code is in. This product alone is the answer. No more phone rings from anybody I don’t recognize. It’s perfect in my opinion. Instructions are adequate.  The device is easy to use.   My only problem with this device is that I sometimes forget the correct code to enter, but that’s my fault.   This is the only purchase I’ve made where I felt compelled to write a review based on a true solution to a real problem.   There’s a lot of junk out there that tries to solve the telemarketing problem. Digitone's Call Blocker is the only device I know of that actually works as advertised. 

Dale in Florida - Aug 2012
Add me to your list of satisfied customers!!!!! We were being flooded with telemarketers, but not any more since we purchased the Digitone Call Blocker.  Now, when the light flashes that it has blocked a call, I get the last laugh and I LOVE IT!!!!   Apparently, some of them must have given up because we're not getting near the amount we used to get. The Digitone isn't having to work near as hard now since it has slacked off.  Thank you folks for such a great product!!!! 

Kathy in Georgia - Aug 2012
Dear Digitone, Count me as another satisfied customer and owner of your new Call Blocker 10. Call Blocker has slammed shut the door to dinner time calls from telemarketers and solicitors. No more afternoons interrupted by persistent robo calls by computers. All I see is the flashing red light on the call blocker telling me another sales pitch or scam has been blocked, what is left is silence. Call Blocker works as advertised, I'm telling all my friends.

Joe in Key Largo, Florida - Aug 2012
I just wanted you guys to know that your device is the best investment in privacy and peace at our home I have ever made. It was worth every cent we paid for it, and had we not purchased it we would have been inundated with bill collectors and scammers day in and day out. The device is extremely well engineered for the price, and is dependable, and easy to program and operate. It is rare these days to find a product that does what it is supposed to do at a reasonable price and I would recommend this device to any one of my friends who are being tormented by unscrupulous bill collection agencies, scammers, telemarketers, who are pretty much the same as scammers, and especially at this time of year politicians who have no regard for people's privacy, the code of federal regulations, and the do not call list, which is probably the most useless thing the federal government has wasted our tax dollars on. Please keep manufacturing this fine product and I wish you the best and more sales than you can handle. 

Your Very Satisfied Customer, Richard S. - July 2012
I bought the Call-blocker 10 last winter. FINALLY, something that does what the FCC refuses to do - protect your privacy!  I set mine up to reject ALL calls EXCEPT those numbers I programmed into memory. Now when my phone rings, I am guaranteed that I know the person. Turning on the "suppress first ring" option insures me of peace and quiet on all calls from people I don't know.  The phone companies make millions playing the 'options' game - charging for every little add-on service. Caller-ID, Caller-ID-blocking, Caller-ID blocking-blocking, etc, etc, etc. EVERY month. GET THIS BOX. I've been looking for something like this since 1990 !!!!!!!!  And, the phone company cannot 'over-ride' it. Buy one soon - I sense these may be outlawed soon as being unfair to telemarketers". Think it can't happen?  Think again.

TM in Hackensack, MN - July 2012

This is the only way to block calls, I have been on the state and federal no call lists and they do not help. Phone companies care more about telemarketer money than they do about you. My phone company will only block local callers!  I called the man that sells Digitone, I was so very impressed as he was relaxed and answered all my questions.  It works, you can block area codes and numbers all at one cost. I have to pay $10 a month to block numbers on my cell phone, but for $100 you are covered for many years. This is the best thing I have ever done and I appreciate the people who developed and sell the Digitone. 

Steve in Orlando - July 2012
I purchase my Digitone unit about 3 months ago. It works great but I wanted to give a review after using it for awhile. It has worked flawlessly. Here is how I set mine up. I turned off accepting all calls which is the default. I have received two telemarketer calls from my own area code and I have blocked those numbers. By the way I tried another call blocker with ring controller but sent it back. It will not forward the caller ID and it is hard to program with very poor support.  Great Product Digitone Call Blocker 10 !

Edward H. - July 2012

I got my Digitone Call Blocker yesterday and installed it last night. The Manual contains too much information for an old brain like mine to absorb at one time; but I was able to do the necessary steps to block dozens of political callers that call several times each day. Easy to add and delete numbers. I blocked all calls from area code 202 - Washington, D.C.

Ronnie from Colorado - July 2012
Our daughter works nights and needs to sleep in the AM. Before the Digitone Call Blocker she was always getting those junk calls and it was taking a toll on her sleep time. Now there's peace!  Even If you have to go without some comforts to save up your pennies to order the Call Blocker you will find this is the best thing you could do for your peace of mind and what joy you will get seeing that red light blinking! Digitone's Call Blocker should be standard equipment on all phone lines and it will be for us from now on. We have put our name in for the DCB Pro model and will be getting that for our office when it’s out. We can’t wait to stop all those credit card machine, sales and office supply offers we get everyday wasting our production time. As you know the DNC.gov list does not work so do yourself a favor, order Digitone's Call Blocker today and enjoy the peace!

Larry in Utah - July 2012
I just received the Digitone 10 four days ago. What a relief it is to have a silent phone. Although our numbers are registered with donotcall.gov, call centers, sales calls, surveys and "charities" with which we have never corresponded, they still call during our meals, favorite TV shows and so on. Now it is blessed silence and all we get are the calls we want. Our voicemail is no longer cluttered with undesired messages too. Thanks Digitone Communications!

Donnie in Texas - June 2012
We purchased a Digitone Call Blocker machine in April 2012. I must say this has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. We had changed phone numbers and they gave us a number that every bill collector in the world was looking for. They even tracked the number to our address and one day a tow truck pulled into our driveway to repo, His car. Needless to say. This device has saved our sanity. We can block all 800 area calls and anyone else that we do not want to receive calls from. Like I said . THE BEST PURCHASE WE HAVE EVER MADE. 

RS, Washington State - June 2012
I purchased your Digitone just a while back and couldn't be happier. I've been getting all kinds of unwanted calls for the last few years. Collectors looking for someone that doesn't live here. Solicitations and surveys of all kinds, it's actually gotten to the point I get far more junk calls, than calls I need to get. I am currently on dialysis and waiting for a call to get a kidney transplant and all these junk calls are a huge distraction. Your Digitone has solved all that. I've also been an Electronics Technician for over 20 years and owned just about every type of "gizmo" you can imagine. Out of everything I've ever owned, your device has turned out to be the best purchase I have ever made!   Thank you very much,

Chuck in Wisconsin - June 2012
LOVE IT!!  I have only had my Digitone for 3 days and I already love it!  I always had an unlisted number and the last time I moved Comcast screwed up and published my number.  For 2 years I have been going crazy trying to get rid of telemarketers.  Reporting them to the DO NOT CALL list is a joke!  They just change their number and call back again. Comcast's anonymous call rejection and blocking is a joke, too.  I had two numbers come through after I blocked them!!!  My house has been peaceful and quiet for 3 days now as I blocked entire area codes, i.e. all those 800, 866, 877, 888, etc. and specific area codes that were annoying me.  I was getting 5-6 calls a week from area code 219 in Gary, IN from the autism awareness society.  I know what autism is and don't need to be made aware of it.  They have their phone system set up so that if you call to ask them not to call you again, the recording tells you they are sorry they missed you and they will call again, which they do.  They give you no opportunity to get off their list.   So a big THANK YOU to Digitone for this wonderful invention! It is by far the best $99.00 I have ever spent!  Thank you again...I can't say it enough!  I only wish I would have found it sooner.        

Brenda M.  Salt Lake City, UT - June 2012

I feel very strongly about your gift to humanity!  I’ve had the phone blocker for my mother for three months now. She has been getting several calls from numerous area codes and phone numbers, such that I could not keep up programming the Digitone 10. The majority of the calls were spoofed numbers and spoofed area codes currently not in use. I now have the “Global Invite” “disable” to block all calls. I then “Invited” her two local area codes plus three relative’s phone numbers outside of these two area codes. My mom is so surprised when I tell her that her VOIP account says she received 15 calls today, she only knows of one or two.  Even if  Digitone 10 was available on Amazon for $120, it would still be worth the money !!  What can I say: The Digitone 10 is Miraculous and God Sent !!!

Richard B. - June 2012

We were going crazy with the phone calls and the Do Not Call was not working. My wife kept records of all calls and reported them to the Do Not Call complaint number. All that happened was the numbers changed or started coming in as out of area with no number listed. I researched the ATT website and all they could do was block calls that had a caller ID number that I specified and it was an extra service for $7 a month. My wife was doing online research of the numbers calling us and saw a comment by someone that said that his problems were solved by buying a Digitone. I researched it, bought one and we finally have peace from the phone calls. A wonderful piece of equipment.

Norman S. - June 2012

You guys are the best! I am so pleased with my Digitone Call Blocker. It was super easy to hook up and works like a charm!  We were being driven crazy by several slime bags that would not leave us alone. We now have total peace and quiet.  I was so stoked typing their numbers into the blocked call list. I had a couple of problems involving conflicts between my answering machine and voice mail program that developed after I installed the Call Blocker. But I called Tech Support and they solved the problem immediately. These guys are on par with Apple for support. I hope the word spreads about Digitone.  Everyone would buy one of these units for sure. I will do my share to help spread the word. 

John K. - May 2012 
I ordered the call blocker and received it 2 days later. It was easily installed and programmed for all 800, 866, etc. area codes. We got a 866 number call this morning and it was blocked as advertised. Am still fine tuning and reading all options, but I am well satisfied with your product and recommend it to anyone interested. 

Satisfied in TN. - May 2012
Been using the Digitone 10 for close to 2 months now and it is working like a charm. Blocked numbers are, well, blocked!!  My phones never ring, not even once if a number is blocked. No more argument with strangers and interruption during dinner hours. Just peace and quiet and when the phone rings, I know it's people I want to talk to. This is one of the best purchase's I ever made online. I totally agree, that a person would think $100 is pricey, for a box like this. But it works as advertised, helps to keep my blood pressure low, and saves my time telling idiots not to call anymore. So, it's worth every penny in my mind. I put the box near my desk and could hear the relay clicking when it intercepts a call. I just sit back and enjoy now. I may get another eventually, just to have a spare! 

Tony G., Calif. - May 2012
THIS IS WORTH THE MONEY!!  I have been using the Call Blocker for about a month now and it works EXACTLY as described. The set up instructions/manual could be written a little more clearly, but it was worth the effort. The Digitone Call Blocker must receive the call first and then daisy chain to your phone/answering machine. I also use my internet phone service voice mail with no problems. You need only to schedule each device to ring successively. Call blocker on first ring, phone/answering machine 2 to 3 rings later and then the IP phone service voice mail two rings later. I use both voice mails so that when I am on a call, an acceptable incoming call can go to my IP phone voice mail. Political robo-calls drove me over the edge and I am glad I purchased this unit. All unwanted calls have been consistently screened off and adding a new nuisance number is a breeze. I have spent a lot of time searching for a unit to do what the Digitone Call Blocker does and it stands alone. Other units will not do all that this one does, and so easily. If you are annoyed by telemarketers and political calls, you won’t regret purchasing this Call Blocker! 

George S.- Eighty Four! PA - May 2012
This device has saved my sanity!  The "do not call list" is a joke but this device is amazing.  Thank you,

- May 2012
LOVE MY DIGITONE.  I ordered and received immediately, the Digitone Call Blocker 10 on 3-23-12.  THIS THING IS INCREDIBLE!!  And the features are amazing!! Once I establish a pattern on robo-scammer calls, i.e. they originate from the same Area Code, I simply block the entire Area Code!!  Hint: I first verify on an area code map what city/state the calls originate from so as not to block family/friends or entities I do business with. Thanks to my Digitone, these robo-scammer calls have been virtually eliminated!  We all know by now the Do Not Call List is a HUGE failure. Do yourself a favor & order a Digitone today...you won't regret it!!

From: Texas Girl - May 2012
I love it!   I just wanted to add my comment about the Digitone Call Blocker. I've only had it a few days but so far, it works GREAT!!   This is the first Saturday morning in months that I was able to sleep late without an out of area caller waking me up. Every home should have a Digitone Call Blocker! 

Wayne H. - May 2012
IT WORKS.  I received my Digitone Call Blocker 10 on April 19th and hooked it up immediately. It was very easy to hook up, with simple instructions. I followed the directions and programmed 17 area codes and two political phone numbers. I have been receiving on average 8 unsolicited calls every day for the past 4 months from these 17 area codes and two numbers. Some of them would change the number each day with the area code staying the same. My local phone company blocking feature is useless and only allows me to block 10 individual numbers with most of them going through the phone company blocker anyway. After hooking up the Digitone Call Blocker 10 there was immediate peace and quiet in my house. I walked into the den to look at the device this morning and could see where several of these callers had tried to ring my phones, but the Digitone Call Blocker 10 zapped them before they rang through. The device is worth it's weight in Gold. I strongly recommend getting this device if you want to stop the unwanted calls. I was about to have my phone disconnected due to all the unwanted calls I was receiving. I agree with the others, the Do not Call Registry is a joke. Now I can survive the political season and all the unwanted calls that won't be coming through my Digitone Call Blocker 10.

Satisfied customer in N.C. Skipper - Apr. 2012
If my furnace broke during the winter, I'd have it fixed/replaced immediately. Same goes for my air conditioner during the summer. If my Call Blocker stopped working for some reason at any time, I'd replace it immediately. If a person still has a land line with caller ID, they have to have one of these. The national "do not call" registry is a joke. If anything, I think it makes things worse. My call blocker is the only real solution to unwanted calls. It plugs right between my phone line into the living room and the base station for my wireless phones. Since all my phones run off the one base station, I never even hear the first ring of a blocked caller. My Call Blocker was one of the best purchases I've ever made. Thank you!

Joel L. - Apr. 2012
I would just like to add my praise for your device. I have had mine for about six months and hope I will never have to live without it. No more of the annoying robo calls. With elections in the near future It is comforting to know that I will not be bothered more than once!  Thanks for a quality product. It makes life so much nicer. 

David M., Kingston NH  - Apr. 2012
The Digitone Call Blocker 10 is, without a doubt, one of the best investments we've ever made. IT WORKS !!!   Card Services, has been banished.   Finally, there is peace in the valley.

Wiley, in Oregon - Mar. 2012
EXCELLENT GADGET! This device does what it is supposed to do. When does Do Not Call mean Do Not Call? When you buy this neat looking, small unit & very simply install it on your existing phone system! This unit is a lot more simple than you’d think. As you program in unwanted numbers or area codes, you’ll grin, like exterminating pests. Plenty of other features & options which you may or may not need; just read the step by step instructions. It is a pleasure to see the little red light flashing, then check and see another phone thug “BLOCKED”! I love it! I disabled the ringers on my hard wired secondary phones so I never even have to hear that “first ring” as Call Blocker” sends the idiots to never-never land. 
It’s so nice, quiet, & peaceful now, with only those I want to hear from allowed to call through on my phone line, which I PAY FOR!   If “THE PHONE COMPANY” was actually service oriented, they’d have done this years ago.  Maybe a little pricey, but you get what you pay for & this one works. Now, if only Digitone will come up with a cell phone that’ll do what this unit does, it’ll be an instant hit! Very satisfied with a good American made product!

Scott D. - Mar. 2012

Works great – just as advertised!  Very easy to use; on my new Model 2010, I’m able to block complete area codes & exchanges using wildcards. Good phone support before and after the purchase.

Monty A. in Las Vegas - Mar. 2012
I've purchased many products over the years and only a few have impressed me enough to comment on one way or the other. Like many people, I was plagued by unsolicited and unwanted phone calls at all hours of the day. These calls ranged from hang ups, sales pitches, badgering through mistaken identity etc. Like most folks, I signed on to the National Do Not Call List, which I found ineffective in stemming the tide of these calls at all. I did some research on various products and decided to give the Digitone Call Blocker 10 a try.   I've had the unit for a couple of months now and I am extremely pleased. No, It is not cheap, but it is so effective. It is all and does exactly what the company claims. It took a bit of time to compile and populate the unit with all the numbers that were the worst offenders. 
Occasionally a new one will slip through, but in just a few seconds that number will never get through again. The Digitone Call Blocker 10 works silently in the background. The phone just doesn't ring on unwanted numbers. It is simply a great product!

Bill in Georgia  - Mar. 2012
Great Product!  Does what AT&T won't do. Stops telemarketers dead. I had one that called twice a day and would not quit. They are off-shore using prepaid phone cards they buy in America. Now all they hear is a hang-up and all I hear is silence. Thank you for making my life better.

John T.  - Mar. 2012
I have been using Digitone's Call Blocker for 6 months. It stops unwanted calls. I get a lot of calls about diabetic supplies. They will not stop calling if you ask them. Dishonest callers do not obey the Do Not Call lists. If more people would buy this product, dishonest callers would go out of business for good. I get a list of calls on DirecTV. It is so nice not hearing the phone ring all the time.

Peter L. in WI  - Mar. 2012
This product is outstanding. Works completely as advertised. Best of all, I never know I’ve had a blocked nuisance call unless I look at the unit itself. The reason is, my phones do not ring or otherwise indicate that a nuisance call has occurred. That alone for me makes it worth every penny I paid for it.

Best Regards,
JF-Virginia  - Feb. 2012
Just purchased your Call Blocker 10 a few weeks back. Allow me to thank you so very much for making this device available!  Must confess I thought it a little pricey but seeing what it does and how well it does it, I gotta say it's worth every penny!  I have been touting your product when and where I can and hope you sell a million of 'em. :-)   In fact, you'll probably be selling another one to me soon, since I was thinking of keeping a spare. Keep up the good work!

Regards, M.T.  - Feb. 2012
This thing really works, I know it costs a lot to buy, bottom line is that it works. I love it. Non believer now a believer.

Lyle E., California  - Jan. 2012

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